Love your discard

I have got a confession to make: I am one of those people that made sourdough during the lockdown.

Actually, I became obsessed with it, and I tried to follow as many recipes as possible with my lovely starter: pizza, bread, pancakes, pretzel; you name it, I have probably done it (hundreds of times, with a decent amount of successes and some “interesting”, less successful, results).

I attempted several “miraculous recipes” for sourdough starters, that promised me everything: an unbelievably bubbly bread, the crunchiest pizza ever, the most amazing fluffy pancakes, a new shiny car (spoiler alert: I still have my super old car and all the entartaining noises it makes).

All of these recipes had one thing in common, something that I could never accept in my life: at some point of the development of my starter, I had to discard half of it. I know, I don’t make the rules, but there was no way that I was going to put perfectly good starter in the bin. NO. WAY.

I had to come up with something that would give my discard the glory it deserved: it was just a small piece in the world of sourdough, a world that doesn’t show any mercy or compassion towards my half starter, but I couldn’t be just a spectator or even worse the perpetrator of such a horrific action. I had to do something. (Yes I know I am such a drama queen).

So I started a very long research process on google, all the baking books in my flat, youtube, instagram, my mum, and I came up with a super tasty recipe that I promise you, won’t let you put your discard in the bin ever again. These little snacks dont last more than 24 hours in the house, so I warn you: if you have guests around and you are planning to serve them these crackers, have some backup snacks because I am sure they will be all gone by the time your friends arrive!

Ingredients for one tray of crackers:

-unfed sourdough starter, 130g

-white strong flour, 130g

-olive oil, 60g

-melted butter, 35g

Ingredients for the topping:

-sea salt

-red onion, 1/4

Equipment you need:

-rolling pin

-greaseproof paper

-a tray


  1. Preheat the oven to 180° fan assisted
  2. Mix together the flour and sourdough starter
  3. In the meantime, melt the butter
  4. Mix the butter to your dough
  5. Add the oil and knead until you have a smooth texture
  6. Cut the onion finely
  7. Take the greaseproof paper you are going to use on the tray, cut as much as you need
  8. Put your dough in the centre of the paper and using a rolling pin, flatten your dough until you get a 3-4 mm width
  9. Spread the onion on your dough and gently push it
  10. Spread the salt evenly
  11. Cut the dough in squares
  12. Put in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden

Are you obsessed with sourdough as well? Did you come up with interesting recipes? Let me know!

40 thoughts on “Love your discard

  1. I’ve scaled down my starter so that I never have more than 200 grams at a time. And since I bake fairly often (bread, pizza, ciabatta), the discard, if any, goes into the compost bin. Happy worms!


  2. Love this idea! They look great. Much better than waving goodbye to perfectly good starter (and I’m so adept at killing them that every bit is precious!!!)


      1. I will! But I’m going to bake something totally different this weekend 😊


  3. Made this recipe and really like it. In fact I made 4x the amount as I had so much left over starter and didn’t want to make pancakes again. Really easy to make, I just put a lot less oil in otherwise it would have been too sloppy. Taste is great, going to try it with rosemary next time! These crackers don’t need any topping, all though a bit of cheese does taste good on it. Many thanks.


  4. Thanks for “like”ing my post and glad I found your blog! I’ve also found myself drowning in sourdough discard and always on the search for a good recipe to use them – so far have managed to convert them to crackers, waffles, tortillas, carrot cake, pizza crust, and even brownies! (Have shared some on my website 🙂 )


  5. Your crackers look delicious! I’ll try them as I always have starter to use up. Have you tried sourdough waffles? They are really special and also a great way to use discard starter.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. Haha! I have made regular sourdough waffles to enjoy at breakfast with maple syrup, and also savory sourdough waffles that include green onions and leftover corn. What I love best about waffles made from sourdough is the exterior is perfectly crispy, but the interior remains airy and soft. Do try them!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes, yes! Julia is right about King Arthur. In fact it is their recipe for sourdough corn & scallion pancakes I use for my savory waffles. Follow the recipe, but triple the oil for waffling. So good!

    Now I’m hungry. Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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