Loving Yorkshire – Museum Gardens

The York Museum Gardens are one of my favourite places in York. They are located in the city centre, beside the river Ouse.

 They contain the remains of the west corner of the Roman fort of Eboracum, including the Multangular Tower and parts of the Roman walls.

The inside of the Multangular Tower

The gardens also contain several buildings from the medieval period, most of them relating to St Mary’s Abbey, built in 1086

The Hospitium was originally built around 1300, but was restored in modern times. It was originally part of a group of buildings in the abbey grounds that included a brew-house, stables, mill and, near the main gate, a boarding school with 50 pupils. It was then used as a guest house for low social rank visitors of the Abbey, or as a barn – it is still not clear

And if these stunning buildings are not enough to love this place to bits, this guy and his fluffy tail are definitely one of my favourite elements of the gardens!


31 thoughts on “Loving Yorkshire – Museum Gardens

  1. Well, I have learned something new today, I did not know there were ruins of Eboracum. The Roman Fort of Eboracum features in my first novel which has a working title of “Marriage of Convenience”/awful title I know, need a better one. It is awaiting editing when I have the time and motivation to do it! 😆❌🙂❤👩‍🦰🧡🦊❤

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  2. Enjoying your York Pics so much, despite the pangs of homesickness. As a native of York now resident in Italy we seem to have swapped places so I think I’m going to send you an e-mail.


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