In bloom

I am in awe of flowers.
Not because of their colors,
but because even though they
have dirt in their roots,
they still grow.
They still bloom.

D. Antoinette Foy

I have always loved March: even if spring comes only at the end of the month, I have always considered it the “regrowth” month. It starts getting dark late, you can see flowers coming up, side by side with bare trees, squirrels are back in the parks…

everything is coming alive, colourful and light hearted ❀

I don’t know if it is only me, but February is always an hard month: January is full of expectations for the new year, looking forward for soooo many changes, and then February comes – I imagine it with a t-shirt on saying “nice try”, that basically gives me a reality check that things don’t change overnight. But with springtime the flowers are blooming, the air becomes crispy, people are happier, the temperatures are above zero, and life just becomes easier. March is my reminder that we can all start over, that there are always new beginnings, that no matter how cold was the winter, life moves on.

Even with dirt in our roots, we can still grow, we can still bloom.


36 thoughts on “In bloom

  1. Love the idea of February in a t-shirt with that logo! πŸ˜‚
    Actually, winter is my favorite time of the year, Dec-Feb in Kentucky; fall is next, with spring running a good third, and summer waaay back there in last place. But for all my exuberant of joy over the miracle of snow and beauty of gray clouds and icy leafless trees, it could get boring if that was year round; like “always winter, but never Christmas” in Narnia.
    So spring is good for us, as it shows God is still on the throne in Heaven and enjoys sharing some of His joy with us: β€œOur Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time.” Martin Luther


      1. I almost got warm walking in the 60F weather we had last week, and as Anita and I arrived home I said, “Well, I’m ready for fall and the first snow!” From my childhood, I always enjoyed cold weather and never liked getting HOT. Even as a child I understood, you can always put more stuff on to stay warm, but you can only take so much off and not get arrested! 😱

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  2. You have put a beautiful twist to my birth month, which I have never thought as special at all. Like you say, January is noticeable: Feb still has that newish feel to it, and by the time March comes around, well, the usual counting down of months continue. By now, most people are already looking forward to spring, and that’s why April is so exciting and new. Think growth! But after reading your post, March just got boosted! πŸ™‚


  3. Ah such lovely sentiments! My garden would certainly agree with you – there is so much new growth in the garden now! I would normally have a tougher time in January, but like you, when we get to March we breathe a little sigh of relief because we made it (through the winter). Hoping now that things will warm up a tiny bit more πŸ™‚


  4. You stated what I am feeling so perfectly right now. I know so many people who say that ‘autumn’ is their favorite season with all of the lovely colors changing after a hard summer. But to me, I will always love spring and everything that Mother Nature blesses us with. Right now, just outside my front door I am watching 2 bird nests filling up with twigs and leaves by the parents. They’ve returned every year for 15 years straight. In SC, we’re enjoying more prolific blooming of the cherry and pear trees and also the redbuds. All because of the extreme cold and endless winter rains. It’s just the best time of year to feel alive!

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    1. sounds so lovely! you are so lucky to witness the miracle of mother nature so closely! it is so nice to see all the colours from the flowers blossoming, the trees being back to life, the squirrel hiding nuts! ❀


  5. Yes! January is tough… my Grandmother always told me, β€œIf we can just get through January, we will make it.” It seemed that in her life, many people passed away in January. It made her a bit sad, even though she was one of the most cheerful, positive people I have ever met in my life. I am SO grateful and cheered to look out my window now and see the Daffodils blooming. I really love reading your writings.

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